2018 General Exam Information

Official 2018 RAD EXAM schedules are now posted at each studio location.

Please check this posted list for your dancer's official RAD exam* date and time. 

  • Dublin studio exams are during March 9-11, 2018 
  • Fremont studio exams are during March 13-15, 2018. 

*The exam schedule is set by the RAD and not Rachel's Ballet, and please note your dancer's exam time may require early release from school. We apologize for this, and appreciate your support for this important day we have been preparing for all year. 

All students must arrive for the RAD exam at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time, wearing a clean proper uniform and with hair pulled back in a neat, professional manner. 

Also please read each tab below for more information about preparing for exams. 

This is an exam rehearsal for all of the students in each grade level. It is important for students to practice their work in the studio where they will take the exam. Parents are invited to observe, and see the progress the students have made. Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to your mock exam time, so that we can seat you, and keep to the schedule. Late arrivals are very disruptive on this occasion, and your child may miss instruction of how to enter the studio on exam day. Students should be groomed as for the exam, and have all of the components of their uniform. Please be sure that you have the correct location, date and time for your dancer. If you have any doubt, check with your teacher. 

Dancers must arrive to the exam studio 30 minutes before exam time. We need to put the children's numbers and ribbons on, warm them up and prepare them to enter. Please be sure that they have had a little drink and a trip to the bathroom. Please also be sure that their grooming is immaculate, and their uniform is clean and in good repair. Jewelry and nail polish is not allowed. On exam day, we need silence in the lobby, to maintain the atmosphere in the examination room. Please drop your child, and wait outside or in your car. Duration of examinations are from 30-60 minutes, depending on the level. Late arrivals will not be admitted, and children may not leave and re-enter the examination studio once the exam has begun. If you are unsure of your exam day/time, check with your teacher.
View/download the RAD document: Getting ready for the Exam

The exam schedule is set by the Royal Academy of Dance, and no changes can be made. Our school has 5 days of examinations, and this means that some students may have to miss a partial day of school. Please explain to your child's teacher that they are participating in an educational experience. Teachers will be proud of the efforts and accomplishments of your dancer to prepare for this event. There are no regular classes held during the exam period.

Neatness and pride in appearance is essential in the examination. Hair should be styled in a ballet bun, covered with a plain hairnet that matches the hair, with plenty of hairpins to secure it. Bun should be in the back of the head, and not visible from the front (see Hair Grooming). Bangs and wisps should be hair-sprayed or gelled smooth. Students with hair too short for a bun should wear a headband or clips (color of the hair) to secure any hair from the face. Uniform leotard and tights should be clean and in good repair. Undergarments, if worn, should not show. Character skirts should be free of wrinkles. Don't forget character shoes! Please no jewelry or nail polish. Makeup is not worn for Children's exams. Senior students may wear a light make-up. Also see "General Dress Code" in our Student Handbook.
Please watch this video to see what happens during a typical RAD exam and learn about the benefits and significance of taking the exams.
Formerly, the RAD Access Route was only delivered with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia. Boston Conservatory at Berklee will become the only other institution in the world and the first performing arts institution in the United States to offer students a ballet teaching qualification in partnership with the Royal Academy of Dance. 
The two year program is in addition to the students' Boston Conservatory education and will consist of a combination of online and onsite studies. Successful completion of the Access Route leads to eligibility for Registered Teacher status (RTS) with the Royal Academy of Dance.