Producing and presenting "The Nutcracker" ballet  for the very first time in 2010 was a
dream come true for Rachel Tan, Director of
Rachel's Ballet. The ballet was so well-
received by the community with full audiences on both nights in 2010.  Each year since
2010, we have been invited back by the Temple Hill Cultural Arts Committee to perform
our FREE full-length Nutcracker ballet.  For the 2010, 2011 and 2013 performances, the
Temple Hill Symphony Orchestra provided live music for our ballet. All performances
have been "sold out" with a full theater every night.

Thank you to all our dancers; performers (including Howard Burnham, Pasha
Temofeyev-2013, Lee Pazmino-2012, Evan Johnston-2011, Chad Dawson-2010);
Coreen Danaher (Master Choreographer); choregraphers/instructors (Sandra Burnham,
Maria LaMance, Isabelle Sjahsam, Leigh Ann Koelsch, Jeanie Pors, Bambi Fleeman,
Ashley Bishop, Vivian Aragon, Carol Howard); Mae Boaz; Carolyn Littlejohn; Debbie
Huang Yu-2010-2012; Marilyn Black; Kendra Severinsen-2012; Lisa Long-2013; Steve
Boaz; parents; volunteers; Sudabeh Samori-2012; Todd Bennett-2013, Cheyne Bennett-
2013, Tanner Palfreyman-2013; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints;
Temple Hill Cultural Arts Committee; Temple Hill Public Affairs Committee; Harold
Waters/Dan Ellefsen/John Fuller & the Temple Hill Technical Staff; Bob & Ve'Laine
Manion/Richard & Sharon Bromley (House Managers); Esteban Zapiain and the Temple
Hill Symphony Orchestra; Lissa Werson (THCA); Temple Hill ushers/parking/security
personnel; Stephen Wathen; and Seiler LLP.

* These free community outreach  performances are made possible by the
generosity of Rachel & Cheoh Tan, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
(Temple Hill Cultural Arts Committee, Temple Hill Public Affairs Committee, Temple
Hill Symphony Orchestra), and Seiler LLP.

Read more about Rachel Tan and her "Nutcracker" ballet gift to the community:

    "spectacular"     "amazing"     "breathtaking"    "incredible"

    Thank you for sending your comments about our
    free performances of the 2010 Nutcracker!

From Jen:
"Words can't express how wonderful it was tonight.  … how blown away we all were.  It
was breathtaking."

From Linnea:
"Beautiful Performance!  I want to thank you for the countless hours of effort that you put
into the production of The Nutcracker. The sets and costumes were beautiful. The
choreography was elegant and graceful. The orchestral music was such a wonderful
feature! I know that many audience members were so amazed with the experience
because they could not imagine a 'free' performance being of such quality."

From Alan:
"The Nutcracker is Spectacular! It was obvious you set a high standard of excellence.  
Your production team delivered that.  Creative choreography, spectacular drops and
scenery, fabulous costumes, and a talented group of dancers combined with
Tchaikovsky's lyrical music played by the Temple Hill Symphony.  The Nutcracker
Ballet was a delightful evening of Christmas enchantment last night, despite the non-
stop rain everyone drove through to see it.  Steve Zapiain conducted the orchestra.  
Rachel Tan and her talented directors prepared the dozens of dancers well.  Most of the
dancers range from age 6 to 18 and are a delight to watch.  This is definitely a
Nutcracker Ballet worth seeing."

From the Hansens:
"Our family wants to thank you for helping create such a wonderful Christmas season for
us this year.  We had been looking forward to seeing the Nutcracker for months and got
even more excited as advertisements started appearing.  The rain couldn't make a dent
in dampening the spirits of all the people lined up outside to witness this amazing show.  
There was an excitement in the air as people were finding their seats.  Happy families
everywhere were able to gather together to share in this experience.  The gasps that we
heard as each backdrop changed were no surprise.  The scenery was spectacular.  The
costumes were even more breathtaking.  The beautiful dancers were the best part of the
show.  Thank you for sharing your talent and hard work with us this season.  It was a
highlight for us and a tradition that we hope we will be able to repeat.  There wasn't one
thing that we would suggest to change.  When the curtains closed after the final scene we
were awestruck, as was everyone around it.  People starting instantly talking about how
amazing the entire performance was.  Thank you!!"

From John:
"Your Nutcracker production was incredible!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful
evening last night!  I was so impressed with every detail....the dancing, set design,
costumes, music....everything.  It was so nice to see every seat filled in the ISC and to
see everyone enjoying themselves so much. The woman sitting on the other side of me
was crying and wiping away tears at the end of the first act.  I asked her what in particular
made her cry and she said, 'Everything...everything is so beautiful!'  Congratulations on
a job well done."

From Marion:
"Symphony & Ballet,  Our family is deeply grateful for your performance of Nutcracker,
as your special gift for this Christmas. Your offering of love with music and dancing was
inspiring, and gratefully received.  As important additions to the performance, the
costume and staging were amazing. I wish I had photographs to help recall the mental
images of the settings and the portrayals I have thought of many times since your
performance Friday evening. The magnificent lead lady ballet dancer was most
inspiring. The young male ballet dancer was amazing. Every dancer's contribution is

From Dolly:  
"We as a family were able to attend your Nutcracker performance last night at the
Oakland Temple, There was a huge traffic accident to and from San Jose where we
lived.  It took us 2 1/2 hours each way to go see your performance and coming home.  
We were 45 minutes late arriving and still got a chance to see your beautiful production.  
I wanted to tell you how touched and appreciative for your notes in the back of the
program.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and your gracious gift of the
Nutcracker.  It was my first time seeing it and I loved it so much.  Please express our
gratitude and respects to you and all your cast and crew."

From Joyce:
"What a wonderful event.  I could use lots of other words to describe, but thank you. It
was so well done.  Really in awe of the many sets and scenery.  Towards the end I
thought about your dancers.  For some it may have been the biggest audience they will
perform before.  What a choice experience for all of them.  I think any of the dancers
could go on to greater things." [Editor's Note: The ISC Auditorium has 1600 seats & both
shows were full.]

From Sami:
"We went to the Friday night showing and thought it was phenomenal.  We really
appreciated this opportunity to be a part of such a great thing.  My kids LOVED it and I
was excited to see it again after 25 years."

From Xiaofeng:
"What an amazing performance! I only wish all my friends were able to watch the show
... Please do it again next year!"

From Dian:
"What a fabulous performance! You exceeded my expectations."
Performers, Parents & Staff Only:
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  • Nutcracker Cast List (Find your child's role by grade level)
  • Parent Volunteer List (Find your volunteer assignment)
  • Performers/Volunteers Entrance
  • This link is ONLY for students in LEAD ROLES:  Nutcracker SOLO &
    DUET Private Lessons

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and the Temple Hill Symphony Orchestra
Presented by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
and Rachel's Ballet

Rachel's Ballet continues its commitment to community outreach
by presenting two full-length Nutcracker ballet performances
FREE* to the public on
December 5,  2014, Friday at 7:00pm &
December 6, 2014, Saturday at 3:00pm

Interstake Center Auditorium (ISC)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
4780 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland, CA  94602  
(On Oakland's Temple Hill - Seating Capacity: 1600)
Admission FREE* with Ticket (Available in November)
*Tickets expire 15 min. before the performance. Those with "STANDBY" tickets
admitted 15 min. before performance.  Non-ticket holders are admitted 5 min. before
performance if seats are available. (Each year, non-ticket holders who waited
patiently outside in a separate line were admitted.)

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